Actions, Results and Outcomes

In te reo Māori, Aro means ‘take heed, take notice of, pay attention to, consider’

In serving our communities, we exist to create foundations for intergenerational enrichment by empowering people with knowledge, skills and tools for the benefit of our current and future generations. ARO solutions believes in creating a safe space for our clients, where indigeneity is valued, confidence is built and passion is ignited to inspire others to make a positive difference to society.

“Rukuhia te puna o te waiora, kia aro tōtika atu, kia aro tōtika mai."
Dive into the sacred healing waters, to fulfill your destiny

— Hunia Mackay

For schools and businesses, we understand that often we know the WHAT, but the HOW isn’t always clear or straight-forward

Our cultural capability professional development helps schools and organisations translate their intentions into actions. Whether that be understanding how to incorporate Te Tiriti o Waitangi into your business as usual, improving knowledge of te reo Māori me ngā tikanga and how these can be incorporated into day to day business practise, or translating policy intentions into culturally responsive practise delivered by a culturally competent workforce.

For government agencies, we provide connection to community.

We bring real world views to the work that we do to ensure that programmes and services are not only designed with communities in mind, but to ensure that community voice is central in the design process.

For community organisations, we aim to provide tailored support that helps organisations better meet the needs of the whānau and communities in which they serve.

We do this through facilitating community engagement events, evaluating programmes and services through a kaupapa Māori lens, and providing advice and support to improve strategic direction informed by whānau and community voice.

How we worked with Green Bay School to assist in their Cultural Capability Professional Development

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